• दूरसंचार विभाग

  • (Simplified Application For Registration And Licenses)

     A Portal for License Management in DoT

About Portal

The Indian Telecommunications Sector has grown rapidly in the last few years. While Government reforms and initiatives have played a very important part,industry has been the major driver of this remarkable growth. The Department of Telecommunications is striving to play the role of an enabler for the growth of the telecommunications sector and thereby, of the digital economy.

Department of Telecom has taken some significant measures to improve the ease of doing business. It has been its endeavour to provide an environment, which is fair and transparent, encourages competition, promotes a level-playing field for all service providers, protects the interest of consumers and enables technological benefits to one and all.

'SARALSANCHAR'( Simplified Application For Registration and Licenses) a Web based Portal, for Issuing of various types of Licenses and Registration certificates is part of various Digital initiatives being taken by Department of Telecommunications. It is a unified portal to issue various types of Licenses and registrations in a digitized manner which will not only ensure transparency but also make the process more efficient. This will pave the way for a paperless,secure and hasslefree platform for various applicants.

The Portal in its present form covers receipt of applications from applicants for issue of new Unified Licenses and PM-WANI registrations. Applicants can apply for filling up the prescribed application form online and upload the documents and application form with digital signature. The portal envisages that applicant gets prompts and alerts at various stages of application submission so that all necessary requirements are complied before submitting the application.

The following types of UL Licenses/Authorizations and OSP Registration shall be issued from this portal:

  • Unified License
  • Unified License-Virtual Network Operator

The portal also provides link to access the Mandatory Testing Portal of Telecommunication Engineering Centre(TEC) through which certificates will be issued to various equipment manufacturers for compliance of the Mandatory Testing requirements mandated by DoT.